We provide website maintenance services keeping in mind the current economic environment where organizations are seeking ways to reduce costs, and add value to their marketing and communications strategies. Website Maintenance is equally important as website designing and website redesigning.

Our services include updating static content, changing old and outdated graphics, checking all links like correcting broken links and removing dead links, general trouble shooting, and optimizing pages and images.

You can be rest assured that Website maintenance services provided by TulasiIT can substantially reduce your costs by eliminating the need to hire full time website designers or web content programmers. Also, you need not train your employees for web maintenance. TulasiIT with its website maintenance services helps you concentrate on your core competencies and attain competitive advantage by freeing you. `

Our Services comprise:

  • Website Cleanup
  • Changes & Additions to Websites
  • Altering Website Graphics
  • Scrutinizing All Website Links
  • Rectifying Website Broken Links
  • Removing Website Dead Links
  • Website Troubleshooting
  • Optimize Web Pages & Images
  • Updates to calendar or events
  • Add news / events on Website
  • Add photos, graphs, charts
  • Text improvements on Web Pages
  • Site facelifts and makeovers
  • Updating Homepage