The off-the-shelf software would not meet all your business requirements. We can build custom software systems that comply with your requirements 100%.

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Enterprise Systems

We develop business software and build enterprise systems that enable companies improve processes, reduce costs, promote customer loyalty, and increase revenues. Our enterprise applications are accessed from desktop PC's, mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and any other connected device that information workers need them on.

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Windows Development

TulasiIT is one of the first UK companies to build and publish apps for the Windows 8 app store. We help you build a Windows 8 application that can be side-loaded for enterprise use or that can be published to Microsoft's app store for consumers to access.

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Product Development

We know and understand software product development. We have built and launched dozens of software products both for ourselves and for our clients.

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Games Development

Building a large scale online game is a demanding business. We have engineered and built online games that handle hundreds of millions of game interactions per month.

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Social Media Development

Audiences are abandoning traditional media such as TV and newspaper in record numbers. These users are now hanging out on social media. We build social media applications to help companies to reach these consumers using engaging apps.

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